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Council Update Banner October 2012

Drugs, Security and Democracy Fellowship Speaking Up and Out

DSD VideoThe Drugs, Security and Democracy fellowship program is employing multiple platforms to highlight the research of DSD Fellows on drug policy, citizen security, and democratic governance in Latin America and the Caribbean and to promote collaborative inquiry and exchange among and beyond the DSD network. Watch a video about the role of the fellowship in connecting scholarship and practice, as explained by DSD Fellows, and watch Fellow Lilian Bobea (2012) speak on “Violence and Democratic Security in the Dominican Republic” [video in Spanish]. Listen to Yanilda Gonzalez (2011) discuss her work on participatory security in Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia in an On the Line: DSD Podcast. And read new published works by Teo Ballvé (2012), Alex Fattal (2012), Annette Idler (2012), and Robert Samet (2011). The 2013 DSD fellowship competition is now open for applications.

The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship program is doing a series of Fellow Spotlights, video interviews that offer a personal look at the DPDF experience and the interesting research done by DPDF Fellows. The series opens with Rachel Meltzer (2007), who talks about her work on the role of the private sector in community development, and Ramzi Fawaz (2007), who describes the development of his research on the relationship between the comic book industry and radical politics.

Measure of America has released a follow-up study to One in Seven: Ranking Youth Disconnection in the 25 Largest Metro Areas. The new report [pdf] offers a closer look at the fifty-five census-defined neighborhoods of New York City, and codirector Sarah Burd-Sharps spoke with WNYC public radio about the extreme highs and lows of NYC youth disconnection. Measure of America’s work has also been featured in "Health Happens Here," an innovative multimedia exhibit at the California Museum in Sacramento, developed in partnership with the California Endowment, and codirector Kristen Lewis described the diminished economic security of middle-class American families for U.S. News and World Report.

The Religion Program held the first workshop with recipients of the New Directions in the Study of Prayer grant, and NDSP Grantees, like Thomas J. Csordas, Elizabeth Drescher, and Tanya Luhrmann, are already sharing their work. Also from the Religion Program: "Mapping a Field: Why and How to Study Spirituality," a working paper by working group cochairs Courtney Bender and Omar McRoberts.

The Immanent Frame, featuring new content, including an essay by Michael Warner and an excerpt from the recent SSRC/Columbia University Press book What Matters: Ethnographies of Value in a Not So Secular Age, is celebrating its fifth year!

SSRC staff continue to mobilize necessary knowledge on important public issues around the world. Leon Sigal, director of the Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project, writes for the National Interest about North Korea's nuclear testing restraint and whether this signals a change in foreign policy. Renata Segura, associate director of the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum, explains what key issues will determine the outcome of FARC-Colombia negotiations in an article for the International Peace Institute's Global Observatory. Also for Global Observatory, Sarah Doty, director of the Cuba Program, writes about Cuba’s more open 2013 emigration policy.

Congratulations to former program assistant Amini Kajunju (Africa Program 1998–2000) for her appointment as president and CEO of the Africa-America Institute.

Deadlines are fast approaching for the Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa dissertation fellowship (December 1), the Eurasia Program fellowship (December 1), and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellowship (December 1). Also coming up: the AAS-SSRC Dissertation Workshop (January 4) and the Drugs, Security and Democracy fellowship (January 20).

Due to technical difficulties resulting from Hurricane Sandy, the International Dissertation Research Fellowship will be slightly extending its November 7 deadline. Please check the fellowship application webpage for the latest information.

While many on the Council staff were affected by Hurricane Sandy, the SSRC's offices have now reopened, and we have all come safely through the storm despite harrowing experiences in some instances. Thank you for the many messages of support from our friends and colleagues around the world.

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