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Council Update Banner March 2011

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies Released

MPEE Book CoverBased on three years of work by some thirty-five researchers, Media Piracy in Emerging Economies (Joe Karaganis, editor) tells two overarching stories: one tracing the explosive growth of piracy as digital technologies became cheap and ubiquitous around the world and another following the growth of industry lobbies that have reshaped laws and law enforcement around copyright protection. Felix Salmon, in his blog for Reuters, recently dubbed MPEE "the best report ever on media piracy."

SSRC-Abe Fellows are providing important coverage of the response to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Read some of their work in the SSRC feature Recovery in Japan.

The Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop (KSDW) is open for applications. Deadline: April 27.

Beginning April 15, the Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF) will accept applications from pairs of tenured faculty to design and lead dissertation proposal workshops for graduate students in emergent interdisciplinary fields. Deadline: September 30.

The American Human Development Project (AHDP) has updated their Common Good Forecaster with the latest census data. This fact-based tool enables stakeholders to understand how investments in education can dramatically improve outcomes in life expectancy, civic engagement, and employment and earnings and lead to reductions in obesity, crime, and incarceration rates.

Stanley Katz, former SSRC Board member and longtime participant in the SSRC Working Group on Cuba, was recently awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Obama.

There will be a launch event for the Possible Futures book series (Craig Calhoun, series editor) April 19 at NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge. Contributors to the series include Immanuel Wallerstein, David Harvey, Saskia Sassen, James Kenneth Galbraith, Manuel Castells, Nancy Fraser, Rogers Brubaker, David Held, Mary Kaldor, Vadim Volkov, Giovanni Arrighi, Beverly Silver, and Fernando Coronil. Details forthcoming.

Ten US universities recently received awards from the SSRC totaling $795,307 to promote public engagement by scholars with expertise on Islamic traditions and Muslim societies.

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