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DPDF Selects 2013 Student Fellows

DPDF Fellows

The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship program is pleased to announce its 2013 cohort of Student Fellows, representing forty-five universities and fifteen disciplines and interdisciplinary studies. The Student Fellowship Competition is organized to help midstage graduate students in the humanities and social sciences formulate effective dissertation research proposals through scholarly exchange within innovative areas of inquiry. Student Fellows make the transition from learners to producers of knowledge under multidisciplinary faculty mentorship and with unique opportunities for interdisciplinary and international network building. This year’s DPDF Fellows will work in the following fields: Critical Approaches to Human Rights; Global Commodity Studies; Mobility, Empowerment, and Precarity in African Migration; Postcolonial Identities and Decolonial Struggles: Creolization and Colored Cosmopolitanism; and Public Finance and Society: The New Historical Fiscal Sociology.

The DPDF Faculty Field Competition is now accepting research field proposals for the next fellowship cycle from tenured humanities and social sciences faculty interested in creating or reinvigorating interdisciplinary fields of study through the training of the next generation of researchers.

DPDF Critical Approaches to Human Rights research field director Amy Ross has been reporting from Guatemala at the trial of former president José Efraín Ríos Montt as an international observer for an Open Society Justice Initiative project.

Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum program director Bill O’Neill analyzed legal decisions related to the pending appellate decision in the case against Haiti’s former president Jean-Claude Duvalier in an article in leading Haitian daily Le Nouvelliste [in French].

Drugs, Security and Democracy Fellow Graham Denyer Willis (2011) reported on the roots of a recent wave of violent conflict embroiling the Primeiro Comando da Capital gang and Brazilian police for Open Democracy, and DSD Fellow Winifred Tate (2012) examined “Congressional ‘Drug Warriors’ and U.S. Policy Towards Colombia” for Critique of Anthropology.

China Environment and Health Initiative program director Jennifer Holdaway reviews social science research in the emerging field of environment and health in China, with a particular focus on the impacts of pollution, in the June China Quarterly.

Executive director Mary McDonnell and managing editor Alyson Metzger coauthored a chapter in Structural Approaches in Public Health, now out from Routledge. “Helmet Day! Structural Intervention and Strategic Learning in Vietnam” is based on the Vietnam Program’s original report Helmet Day! Lessons Learned on Vietnam’s Road to Healthy Behavior, a product of a multiphase strategic learning and assessment project for the Atlantic Philanthropies.

A new book by Abe Fellow Hirokazu Miyazaki (1998), Arbitraging Japan: Dreams of Capitalism at the End of Finance (University of California Press), examines the decline of high finance through the lens of Japan in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Join Wonkblog’s first book club at the Washington Post for a discussion of president Ira Katznelson’s Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time (Liveright/Norton). Or watch a video of Katznelson’s talk with MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry about the book and New Deal resonance with contemporary US culture and congressional politics.

Former SSRC president Ken Prewitt warned of the risks carried by the congressional attempt to micromanage National Science Foundation grants in an op-ed for Science magazine and provided additional background on “The Congressional War on the Social Sciences” in an article for Pacific Standard.

New Directions in the Study of Prayer grantee Norris Chumley (2012) discussed Religion and the Public Sphere forums The Immanent Frame, Reverberations, and Frequencies as “creditable sources of scholarly research” in a Huffington Post article: “The Ivory Tower in Cyberspace: Is Internet Publishing Publishing?”

Original content now featured at SSRC Forums: “Amnesty for Boko Haram: Lessons from the Past,” a new African Futures essay by Alex Thurston on impediments to conflict resolution in Nigeria; “Congolese Crisis and Demographic Problems in the African Great Lakes,” a Kujenga Amani essay by Guy Aundu Matsanza on historical connections between contemporary conflicts; and “The Vatican Spring?,” a colloquy at The Immanent Frame on the election of Pope Francis, with thoughts from both scholars and religious leaders, including Michele Dillon, John Esposito, and James Martin, SJ.

Now open for applications: Grants for Collaborative Research on Environment and Health in China (Deadline: September 1), the Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship Faculty Field Competition (October 1), and the Mellon Mays Predoctoral Research Grants (November 1).

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